I strongly believe that everyone should contribute to the society where they live. Children should be taught in school how to give back to society.

Poșta Română is an unpolished diamond and the people working here are amazing. They are determined to transform this institution into a successful commercial operation, despite this mission’s difficulty. In spite of the tough to manage financial and management burden, I have tried, together with the other Members of the Board, to place Poșta Română on the right path, one that will make Romanians proud. It is, after all, their company.

Salary 285 Euro net/month.

How often does someone get to work in the centre of Government and thus contribute to the improvement of people’s lives and that of the entire nation? Not very often. This is what drove me to accept the pro bono job of adviser to the Prime-Minister. When I said yes, I didn’t know this will turn out to be the greatest challenge of my adult life. I planned a lot of ambitious projects, of which some have come to life:

1. Coaliția pentru Dezvoltarea României – a coalition which brought together most of the companies acting in Romania, purposed to provide the Government with a constant institutional partner, in order to solve the problems in the business sector and to improve the economic climate. Today, the Coalition is the main dialogue instrument between the Government and the business environment.

2. InvestRomania  – a governmental agency charged with attracting direct foreign investments (FDI) to Romania, an agency which is still active today.

3. Educație Duală – I have initiated a bilateral agreement between Romania and Austria for Dual Education.

4. I have also contributed to the development of the Partnership Agreement between Romania and the European Commission, the basis of the current budgetary exercise (European funds).

5. I have designed a project meant to centralize all public acquisitions, reducing prices and the occurrence of corruption cases. This project was successfully implemented by the following government in 2018.

Seldom have I met a team of employees so motivated as the people from TAROM, who fight every day to improve their company’s image and services. I am happy that, even for a little while, I was able to work along side with them in achieving this goal. I have to admit that their dedication has convinced me to get more involved and has motivated me all this time.

Salary: 650 Euro net/month.

Even if the Romanian state is a minority shareholder in Telekom, being involved in this company’s management mechanism was for me an important experience, a source of inspiration and a lesson on how Romania could develop successful business.

Salary: 650 Euro net/month.

Since 2010, I am organizing a festival for my neighbours, an extraordinary opportunity to socialize, while enjoying the summer together. At the same time, it is a very good chance for us to tighten our bonds and to build together a united and involved community.