Our dream is to inspire Romanians to further build this country, in order for Romania to reach its true potential. Our goal is to prove, through our own example, that only with involvement, responsibility and compassion, evolution and change for the better are possible.

Therefore, we wish to offer solutions based on civic involvement and compassion towards our fellows, through the social projects we are developing. We started on this road with the belief that our projects will inspire other similar actions and will offer hope in a brighter future for the next generations.

We embrace the idea that, without trust and good will, we can’t really function as a community and a democracy. We want to become a platform that engages strategic resources and offers a space of expression for all Romanians who are involved, confident and ambitious, people with solid professional experience, result oriented, who are worthy models for others, and who, regardless of their origins or choices, are willing to contribute to Romania’s development and mental transformation.

What brings us together is stronger than that which separates us. It is imperative to put aside any petty disputes and to act united in the spirit of our love for this country. We should remember what our values are and to RE:START them! To dream of how the country our children will live in should look like and to RE:START a united, stronger and better Romania!


RE:START projects that encourage innovation and cooperation in social entrepreneurship. The most important profit of these initiatives is the social impact, the change that they bring.


National projects to sustain endangered groups of society involving local communities. Dignity and equal opportunities define us as humans and solidarity fulfills us as citizens.


Education and support programs to increase the civic and community participation. Only if it is committed, Romania may reach its potential and pass on its values.