Philanthropy is a Greek word, meaning love for humanity, namely nurturing and developing everything that is humane.

Make-a-Wish România Foundation

Founder and President of the Board
The mission of Make-A-Wish România Foundation is to fulfil wishes for children suffering from life threatening medical conditions and thus bring hope, strength and joy to enrich human experience. With the help of our generous friends, we managed to fulfil the dreams of over 150 children.

The Ronald S. Lauder School, Bucharest

Member of the Administration Board
Education is the universal solution to all our problems and this is the reason why I will always be involved in any activity concerning education
Lauder School offers the best possible education for children in Romania.

Romanian Finnish School, Bucharest

Member of the Supervisory Board
I was delighted to become a member of the Supervisory Board, at the invitation of the school’s founder Dr. Ioan Ceuța, an exceptional person. In all bi-annual PISA studies done all over the world on the quality of educational systems of most nations around the globe, Finland is regularly top 5 and very often no.1. Therefore, it is only logical to regard Finland as an example of good practices and a model of progressive educational system.


Member of the Advisory Board
The Mission of OvidiuRo: every poor child should benefit from an early quality education and thus become an active member of the Romanian society.