I had the fortune to be initiated into the mysteries of business by my father, in the family business. I have tried ever since to complement this education with the experience and the wisdom I achieved on my own.

My first attempt at this was a coffee shop, in centre Vienna, named Klemmer, which soon became a hot spot in the city.

After that I was successfully involved in different fields like, steel production, shipbuilding and tourism and services industry.

I came to Romania at the head of another family enterprise, AUTOITALIA SRL, a general importer of the brands FIAT, ALFA ROMEO, LANCIA, MASERATI. The Romanian company had one of the largest market shares in relation to FIAT’s worldwide market shares, with a 265 million Euros a year in turnover. In 2011, we sold the company in order to reorient ourselves towards other activities.

My business experience, but also the fact that I was brought up with various cultural models – Romanian, Austrian, Italian, Indonesian – gave me a unique perspective on people and the role I need to play in the society I chose as my home. Therefore, I understood that my duty is to use the wisdom I gathered so far in order to repay the hospitality and warmth which welcomed me in my community and my country. That is how RE:START was born.