Hello, I am Dante. I was born on the 5th of June 1962 and, for 32 years, I am the husband of an amazing woman, who inspires me every day. Together we have a son, Joshua, an ambitious young man of whom I am very proud.

I was raised and educated in a truly international family, with Austrian, Turkish, British, Jewish and Romanian ancestors, and this has taught me to see people as citizens of the world, without prejudice, stereotypes or labels.

Between the two World Wars, my grandfather was forced to leave his home town, Cernăuți. While I was searching for my roots, I have discovered Basarabia, a marvellous place, with a fascinating history, laden with strong, determined men. I am proud to be able to say today that I am the descendant of these sensational people.

Business aside, this was the call which led me here, in Romania, the fact that I carry a tremendous affection for this people and its history. I hope to prove worthy of my forbearers’ historical and cultural legacy.